Tutorial Set-Up

The interactive coding elements of the ADAIX tutorials will be provided in Python. Therefore, all participants should ensure that they have the following installed prior to the start of the event.


Installation Instructions

We highly recommend that you install the required packages via Miniconda (or Anaconda if you prefer). To facilitate this process we provide an environment.yml file.

Once you have installed Miniconda, you can install the packages and activate the environment (called "adaix") by running the following commands in a terminal:

conda env create -f environment.yml

source activate adaix

Tutorial Materials

The tutorial materials will be provided via a GitHub repository on Friday 18/05/18. Make sure you download the repository contents before the event starts.


A 50min computer set-up session will precede the start of ADAIX (at 09:00 on 20/05/18). If you have issues installing any of the packages or have not been able to download the tutorial materials please be sure to arrive during this session for help.