Attendance Application Deadline: 16/02/2018

Attention: The application deadline has passed and it is no longer possible to apply to attend ADAIX. In the interest of providing the best possible tutorials in terms of interaction and quality, the ADAIX summer school organisers have decided to admit only PhD students. Apologies to the other applicants, but the demand far exceeded expectations this year.

All ADAIX applicants should have been contacted. If you applied and have not heard back please contact Samuel Farrens.

ADAIX Registration Fees


Early Registration (before 06/04/2018): €100 (Students) / €350 (Everyone Else)

Late Registration (after 06/04/2018): €100 (Students) / €450 (Everyone Else)

* Fees cover attendance to both ADAIX and Cosmo21. Final registration and payment details will only be made available after the application form has been processed.

** Inquiries regarding the application form and abstract submission should be directed to Samuel Farrens.

*** Inquiries regarding final registration and payments should be directed to Iulia Mich and Cristina Mascarell.

   Iulia Mich

   Cristina Mascarell